Taking care of your tree

The trees around us are crucial and have dependably been fundamental for enhancing our living conditions. It won’t be wrong to say that without trees we people would not exist on this delightful planet. Along these lines, trees are crucial to life as is familiar. The woodlands and the trees we plant, work in conjunction to make our city livable and promote bio-diversity.

Trees are both, essential and wonderful to grow, especially in a city like Melbourne where sweltering heat of summers can become unbearable at times. Whether in backyard or in the garden or along avenues, trees add to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape and lend a touch of class to your place. Be that as it may, speaking from personal experience, trees can prove to be a hindrance if not maintained properly, especially there are a lot of utility lines in your neighbourhood. Besides that, overgrown trees can prove to be a menace in terms of the safety of your family, neighbours and surroundings.

Although I have observed that many homeowners take the onus of dealing with such issues on their own, I would personally recommend hiring a professional arborist for tree removal. Professionals have the right tools and technical expertise to deal with any sort of tree situation. They ensure the safety and quality of the job at hand.

The arborists I hired were very knowledgeable about various aspects of tree care such as tree pruning. Besides taking care of the overgrown trees in my property, they furnished me with vital information about how and when to prune trees. Overall, I was very satisfied with the job done by them and I believe, even with my best efforts, I wouldn’t have been able to match the quality of their work.

My Natural Cleaning Recipes

I still remember the day 4 years ago when I had decided to junk the cleaning products I usually bought off super market shelves and try out homemade cleaning solutions. My one year old son had overturned a can of floor cleaning solution and had decided to take a swim in it. Soon his body was covered in deadly rash. That’s it – I swore to myself, not a drop more of deadly chemical laced cleaning solution in my house ever again.

I decided to make my own natural cleaning products and stocked up on the basic ingredients – white vinegar, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, olive oil, baking soda and mild liquid detergent along with a few spray bottles and labels.

I started with a kitchen cleaner for cleaning appliances and countertops. Just equal parts of water and white vinegar will do. It’s great for cleaning carpets and other stains too. Another of the many products that I have tried out which is also my all time favourite is the all-purpose cleaner. For every two cups of water add 1 tablespoon ammonia and 1-2 tablespoon of mild liquid detergent. It’s good for cleaning almost anything in the house. For mopping vinyl flooring 1 cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water will do, for wood floors, reduce the white vinegar to half a cup.

Making an odour eliminator is relatively easy. Mix two cups of vinegar with five cups of water put it in a spray bottle and you’re done. I personally mix about 20 drops of grapefruit essential oils for that fresh feeling.

Switch to natural cleaning recipes for good health of your family.

Moving to Sydney for Job – What options do I have

My family has been in Melbourne for almost three generations now and my high school and graduation has been from the city. I’ve always dreamt of having my own business one day – not on the scale that Bill Gates would envy but something that would get me adequate returns and a comfortable life. Melbourne does have enough opportunities but my line of thinking is that if I have to make it on my own I have to be on my own. I’ve tried my hand at odd jobs in a cleaning company, in a firm that specializes in tree care and even as an apprentice in a reputed authorized car service station. Now I’ve decided to move to Sydney to try my luck there.

I would request those in the know to guide me in this regard. Since I’ve already worked in a cleaning company and have some experience in this field that would be my first choice. I believe that there are many firms and franchises that specialize in commercial cleaning in Sydney. Will it be beneficial if a join one as an employee or would it be better if I started as a new franchisee? The second might take some time to stabilise since I’ll be in an altogether new city but considering my past experience, it should be perfect for me.

Please let me know your thoughts in this regard.

My Home Extension – Sharing my Experience

I recently completed by my home extension project. Obviously, home extension entails considerable investment of time and money. However, that’s not adequate to achieve quality results. On most occasions, the outcome does not match with the picture we have in our minds and that is certainly not desirable. There are many reasons behind an extension project going off-track.

Mostly, the root of all the problems is lack of a coherent plan. If your ideas and intentions are not backed by a well thought out plan, your home extension project is bound to falter. My recent experience bears testament to this particular fact. When I started my project, in my eagerness I made the mistake of jumping straight into the execution part without properly planning out the extension. Strategic planning is imperative to string together your ideas into a real vision that can be completed in the stipulated time and budget. I was fortunate enough to realise it on time and hired a professional designer and architect to plan out my home extension, but this mistake is certainly avoidable.

Professional assistance also comes in handy in getting planning permission. Building extensions around Melbourne can be a hassle some task if one does not have the knowledge about the legalities involved. For most people opting for home extensions, a successful application for planning permission is necessary before any work can be undertaken. It becomes even more important where the suggested extension is higher than the highest part of your present roof as in my case.

Therefore, I would recommend taking professional assistance for home extension in order to attain the desired results.

General Discussion Blog

General Discussion Blog – Sharing Ideas for Mutual Benefit

In today’s digital environment, in a world dominated by the Internet, Google and major search engines are considered to be the ultimate fountains of knowledge. But is this really so? Most information on search results is generic in nature with an absence of the very special personalised touch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somebody could answer all your doubts from first hand experiences? Welcome to the General Discussion Blog, a forum where you can post events and incidents that you have gone through so that others who face similar situations can benefit from it.

The very concept of sharing ideas for mutual benefit is simply amazing. It enlightens, it warns, it facilitates exchange of thoughts and most importantly cautions you against falling into pitfalls faced by others. Going on a long road trip vacation for the first time and want to know what precautions to take and the car tools to take along? Go to the General Discussion Blog and take advice from others who have undertaken similar expeditions. Or maybe you are wondering which insurance scheme will optimise cover for your family. Know about it all in this medium.

However, this Blog platform is not only about getting the required information. Life is not a one way street. It is also about posting your side of the story, the occasions you have gone through from which others can equally benefit as you have. Anything goes – a cell phone that is not functioning well, details of a plumber who has made major repairs in the middle of the night or simply the best place in town to have your kid’s birthday party. Don’t hesitate to put it all down even if you have to let off steam against a perceived injustice.